WHLA 2024-25 School Supplies List

Bible (NKJV, KJV, NASB or ESV) - 1 for MS and HS

Yearly Planner/Calendar 1 (MS only)

Loose paper (~200 pages with 3-hole punch_ -1 for MS and HS

Spiral notebooks - 3 for MS and HS

Composition Notebook - 1 for MS and HS

Tracing paper (100 pages 8 x 11" 1 for MS only

3x5 Index cards (with box) -2 for MS and 1 for HS

2" 3-ring binder - 1 for MS and HS

3" 3-ring binder - 1 for HS only

Subject dividers w/pockets (Pack of 5) 1 for MS and HS

Folders (3-hole punch with pockets) -6 for MS and HS

Pencils and pens - as needed (for MS and HS)

Highlighters -1 for MS and 1 Pack for HS

Dry erase markers (multi-colored) -1 for MS (1 Large pack HS)

12" x 18" personal dry erase board -1 for MS and HS

Ruler (transparent metric & standard 12" / 30cm) -1 for MS and HS

Transparent Protractor (10th grade only) -1

Texas Instruments ti-30xiis calculator -1 HS only

Scissors (full size) -1 for MS and HS

Glue sticks -2 for MS and HS

Colored Construction Paper -1 pack for MS only

Water bottle, P.E. Clothes and Shoes - 1 For MS and HS

Sanitzing wipes, facial tissues 1 of each for MS and HS

Please note, many of these supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year.